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January 14th - Pinot Project Wines In Store Tasting

January 22nd - Western Son Vodka

January 28th - Laphroig Tasting

February 11th - Loyalty Club Event

February 11th - 1000 Islands Winery Tasting

February 12th - Ironsmoke Tasting

February 19th - Hartman’s Tasting

February 25th - Martell Tasting

February 26th - Hartman’s Tasting

March 18th - Ironsmoke Tasting

March 19th - Ironsmoke Tasting

March 25th - Ironsmoke Tasting

March 31st - Special Event Tasting

April 1st - Glenora Wines

April 8th - Smirnoff Peach Lemonade

April 9th - Ironsmoke Tasting

April 15th - Loyalty Club Event

April 15th - Cupcake Signature Sweet Tasting

April 22nd - Redwood Empire Whiskey Tasting

April 29th - Tanduay Rhum Tasting

May 7th - Lilac Gin Tasting

May 7th - Clos du Boi Wine Tasting

May 13th - Red Newt & Melon Liqueur Tasting

June 24th - Elisa Cremant & More Wine Tasting!

May 14th - Clos du Boi Wine Tasting

May 20th - Wilderness Trail Nashville Bourbon Tasting

May 21st - Long Drink Tasting

May 26th - Thousand Island Winery Tasting

June 17th - Rabbit Hole Bourbon & More Tasting

June 24th - Red Newt & Melon Liqueur Tasting

August 27 - St Francis Sauvignon Blanc tasting and more!

Sept 3 - High Noon Tasting

September 4 - Local Buffalo Distillery! Hartmans Bourbon Whiskey Hartmans Loganberry Vodka

Sept 23rd - Sweet Bitch Moscato Wines

October 1st - Halloween Wines: Superstition, Pasta Red, & More

Oct 8th - Comtese Marion Cabernet Sauvignon & more!

Oct 15th - Hartmann’s Tasting: Bourbon Whiskey and Loganberry Vodka

Oct 16th - San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa Wines , Magdelenna Wines, Highland Wines

Oct 22nd - St Francis Sauv Blanc, Seeker Pinot Noir & More!

October 23rd - Heron Hill

Oct 29th - Apothic Wines and more!

Oct 29th - Monkey Shoulder Scotch & More

Oct 30th - Iron Smoke

Oct 30th - Special Cocktail Tasting - Apple Cider Whiskey Smash - and more!

October 30th - Black Irish creams

Nov 5th - Iron Smoke

Nov 5th - Chateau Ste Michelle & more!

Nov 6th - San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa Wines , Magdelenna Wines, Highland Wines

November 10th - Seminar: Clyde Mays

November 11th - New Product! Horchata Licor

Nov 11th - Veterans Day Tasting

Nov 12th - Heron Hill Wines

November 12th - Cask and Crew All Types and Chapoutier Wines!

Nov 13th - Chapoutier Wines, The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve & more!

November 13th - Black Button Engraving

November 18 - Woodford Etching

Nov 19th - Iron Smoke

Nov 19th - Tullamore Dew, Hendricks Gin, The Balvenie 12 yr Doublewoo

Nov 19th - Josh Cellars Wines

November 19th - Shanky's Whip & Penelope Bourbon

Nov 20th - LaMarca Prosecco, Marc West Pinot Noir, and more!

November 20th - Black Irish creams

Nov 24th - Thanksgiving Wines: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, cranberry & more

Nov 24th - San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa Wines , Magdelenna Wines, Highland Wines

November 26th - Blackened Whiskey

Dec 3rd - Barone Fini Pinot Grigio & more!

December 3rd - Hartman’s Distilling

Dec 4th - 14 Hands Cab & more!

Dec 10th - Special Cocktail Tasting - Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour - and more!

December 10th - Woodford Etching

Dec 11th - San Simeon Wines, Stella Rosa Wines , Magdelenna Wines, Highland Wines

December 11th - Kris PG, Suavia Soave, Zenato Alanera & more!

December 16th - Korbel Tasting

Dec 17th - Seasonal Holiday Wines & Sparkling

Dec 17th - Drambuie, Hendricks Gin, Glenfiddich 12yr

Special Holiday Event - Exclusive Bourbon

December 17th - Iron Smoke

Dec 18th - La Marca, Apothic, and more!

December 18th - Black Irish creams

Dec 23rd - Iron Smoke

December 27th - Bacardi selection!

Dec. 28th - Grey Goose Essence Selection! GGE strawberry GGE WATERMELON GGE PEACH ST GERMAIN

December 29th - Korbel

Dec 29th - Dewars Tasting

Dec 30th - Barefoot Wines

Dec 31st - Cocktail Tasting - Pomegranate Gin Fizz - and more!

December 31st - Bacardi & more!

April 15th - Hartman’s Tasting

April 16th - Hazlitt Wine Tasting

April 8th - Black Button Spirits

February 11th - 3 Brother's, Shanky's Whip, & More!

June 17th - Red Newt & Melon Liqueur Tasting

June 18th - Slow & Low Coffee Old Fashioned Whiskey Tasting

March 4th - Jameson Tasting

May 27th - Ironsmoke Tasting

May 6th - Beringer & Lemonade Stand Wine Tasting

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